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Pre Season 17

New Game Possibly

By Carson B: May 24, 2023

We may be working on a new game not for OGPC over the summer about a robot that can switch gravity and walk on walls. Here is a screenshot of the prototype:

A screenshot of the prototype version of a new game, not being made for OGPC.

Work In Progress Background With Realistic Computer Parts!

By Carson B: May 26, 2023

One of our team members has been working on some computery background sprites, here is an image of what it's starting to look like. Also, I've come up with a work in progress name, Inner Isn't Working, which corresponds to some of the lore/story elements that we've been writing, but it still needs some work.

A screenshot of the work in progress game Inner Isn't Working.

State Testing SFX Remix

By Alejandro B: May 26, 2023

It was state testing time in math class, and the sound of everyone doing that stupid sound check repeatedly resonated around the room. And thus, I made it into an equally stupid, but somewhat epic, BeepBox song, which you can find here.

P.S. from September 8, 2023: it's also used as the music for an upcoming Scratch game, currently called Stupid Trampoline Game, that I will release sometime soon. I made Stupid Trampoline Game from my memory of a clone (made by a classmate of mine) of a game I don't remember the name of. I then added some more random stupid features. You'll be able to find it here.

P.S. from January 24, 2024: I did not end up posting Stupid Trampoline Game as something repeatedly went wrong with uploading it to the web. Not sure what's happening.

EyeSore Speedrun: 4:44

By Carson B: June 6, 2023

Not being an avid gamer, but having likely up to one hundred hours in this mess of a game, and more crawling my way through the jungle that is the spaghetti code (that I made, something I am mildly ashamed to admit) I decided to take my first steps to being an intense, sweaty gamer: Speedrunning a puzzle game, which sounds like something really sad to do. Somehow I completed the entire game in 4:44, which (besides being a nice number) is actually pretty impressive, although there is definitely room for improvement. If you have the attention span to watch it (which you probably don't because it isn't very entertaining), you can find it here.

New Custom Cursors!

By Alejandro B: June 9, 2023

The Epimetheus Games website has new custom cursors! Some of you (i.e. us) might recognize the normal default cursor, because it's from EyeSore. I went on and made a few more custom cursors, following some breaking-conventions (ha!) guidelines I set up for myself:

I will present a demonstration of all the cursors that are currently implemented:



The default mouse cursor, from EyeSore.


The pointer cursor, used on clickable things.


The help cursor, used to indicate where you can hover over an element for more information.


The text cursor, currently only used for the textarea in the notes app.


The wait cursor, currently only used while waiting for the password to go through in devLogin.


The WHY??? cursor, currently only used on the why page.

By Carson B: September 8, 2023

It's been quite a while since we've posted to this blog, as we've been doing stuff over the summer, but we're now starting to prepare for OGPC 17, even though there's still two months until the theme is announced. One of those things is a new, cleaner, minimalistic logo for Epimetheus Games. We're trying to incorporate the symbol for Epimetheus, basically the god of foolishness (and no, we didn't know that when we created the name ...) and our school's symbol, the atom. The design will be shown off in a future blog post and then replace all our logos on our website.

By Alejandro B: September 13, 2023

We've temporarily restored the old Epimetheus Games logo to make some changes to the new logo. We've noticed it makes the website look colorless and seems to be missing something in the middle. We are working on it intensly to create a logo we can all agree upon.

Alejandro B.

New Member!

By Liam S: September 14, 2023

Hello! I'm Liam! the newest addition to the Epimetheus games team! I'm super excited for OGPC this year. Admittedly, I'm essentially clueless about anything code-related but I specialise in graphic design and branding! You'll see the new logo that I created across all of our accounts and even on this website! I'm glad to be on Epimetheus Games, you'll see me here for seasons to come.

Signing off,
Liam S

Season 17

New Logo Development Update

By Liam S: September 14, 2023

Liam S using Inkscape to create a few versions of the new Epimetheus Games logo.

For the new logo, I took inspiration from the symbol of the Greek titan "Epimetheus" brother of Prometheus. the logo was eventually shortened to just the "key" shape. The "key" is housed in two rings reminiscent of the atom logo of the school in which we are based. After multiple revisions, I settled on the blue and white ringed key.

Liam S

Mobile-Friendly Topbar Design Test

By Alejandro B: January 24, 2024

Hello! You may be viewing this page on your phone right now. If so, you have certainly noticed that I have previously taken no care in making this website mobile-friendly. But now, I will start testing out a new topbar design, which you can try right here.

Introducing Project Prometheus!

By Alejandro B: May 15, 2024

We are just a few days away from the OGPC main event, and we have yet to mention the game we're making at all here! I think it's finally time to announce what we've been working on, so here it is. Project Prometheus!

Project Prometheus logo

We've put a lot of effort into this game, and we believe that's paid off. You can play the beta now on our Itch.io page. (You can also find EyeSore there, if you want to play our first award-winning game.)

P.S. You'll see some pretty big changes to the website alongside our new game. From now on, we will be embracing Poppins as our title font, and you just might eventually see some of those long-awaited topbar fixes being implemented (although I'm not going to make any concrete promises for now).

Demo Release and Victory!

By Elouan G: May 18, 2024

Today, we won the Best In Show award for the Oregon Game Project Challenge for the second time in a row! We are also planning on releasing our full game on steam in a few months. You can play our game's demo on our itch.io page.
Thanks for playing,
Elouan G